What Is A Mediator Role?

A mediator’s role is to create the right conditions for an agreeable end to the conflict.

The mediators we work with have a range of industry backgrounds; but it is their listening skills which add value. They have been hand-picked for being able to seek out the interests of both participants and allowing them to converse.

They can skillfully channel parties out of their entrenched positions, and find out what both parties really need in order to end to the conflict.

All mediators are CMC accredited meaning that they adhere to the best national best practices for undertaking a mediation session.

Silverbirch Mediation resolves conflict within Dentistry.

We want to address matters BEFORE they get to litigation.

Our goals are:

  • To listen to you
  • To operate in a timely fashion
  • To support prompt resolution
  • To apply sensitivity
  • To facilitate problem-solving
  • To innovate solutions

We wan you to be able to move on.

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